Travel Inspiration

About Carola

My name is Carola van den Berg. I was born near the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Travelling has always been my passion. At a young age I have experienced other cultures and rituals on all continents of the world. And learned to respect them.

Since 1995 I have travelled to different countries in Africa on a yearly basis. I am deeply impressed by the people and nature of this continent.

This inspired me to attend NHTV (Nationale Hogeschool voor Toerisme en Verkeer) and earn my degree in Fairtrade and sustainable tourism.

In Uganda and Zanzibar I participated in projects for street children, disabled children and women empowerment.

After visiting the sources of the Nile in Uganda I realized I wanted to settle in Africa and found my own travel agency. This brought me to Kenya, where the African savannah meets the Indian Ocean.

I live among the local people in the Old Town of Mombasa. Nowadays I speak Kiswahili, the main language of Kenya.

This makes it possible for me to let you experience the real Africa and at the same support the beautiful and colorful local community in Mombasa.

‘ Karibu sana’ , welcome!