Fairtrade Kenyan Tours and Safaris

A travel agent operating on Fairtrade base situated in Mombasa, Kenya. Organizing tours, accommodation, transfers and transport as you wish.

You”ll meet the friendly local Swahili people as you are visiting projects which benefit the local community. Local guides will be guiding and showing  you surprisingly authentic places.

Join our special citytour African Style in Mombasa Old Town. You can still feel the heritage of among others Swahili Arabic, Portuguese, British and the Indian population.

Adventure you”ll get! Imagine discovering new things & enjoying with all senses the wildlife of Kenyan National Parks; Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Amboseli or Masai Mara.

Beach life white sandy beaches with palm trees. The fragrances of bougainvillea, jasmin, oleander and frangapani trees are welcoming you.
Diving, snorkeling exploring the amazing coral reefs and the diversity of colorful fish in the National Marine parks in Mombasa. Diani beach, Wasini island, Watamu and Lamu islands.

We wish you a wonderful journey and unique experiences.